Corporate Wellness Redefined: The Role of Biohacking in the Workplace

As the evolution of workplace well-being continues, a transformative force quietly unfolds—Biohacking. This groundbreaking practice strategically fuses technology and personalized interventions to optimize biological functions, promising enhanced productivity and a holistic approach to employee well-being. Empowering individuals to decipher and fine-tune their physiological processes, biohacking is reshaping how we perceive health within the professional sphere. […]

What Employers Must Do To Encourage Employee Vacations For Workplace Wellness?

Although the world is progressing in every aspect, employee vacation time has just not been explored enough yet. With the rising competition in every industry, employees are constantly at work, finding it difficult to maintain a work-life balance, and so, the ‘On-A-Holiday’ notification is essentially not used by most employees. Studies show that almost 66% […]

5 Effective Pointers to Jumpstart Your Employee Wellness Program

Tips for a successful employee wellness program

Accounting for almost $8 billion in the US, corporate wellness initiatives are the trending ways to make a big buck in the industry, and with almost 60% of the organizations looking for some kind of employee wellness program, the competition is high. But how do you choose the right wellness vendor for your company? Research […]

Here are the Top 5 Benefits of Employee Wellness Apps

corporate wellness apps

There are plenty of studies confirming that employee wellness programs boost employee engagement, reduce healthcare costs, and improve workplace productivity. Owing to the successful outcomes of these corporate wellness programs, employers are now combining the 2 essential factors – employee wellness and employee benefits – as a single package for workforce satisfaction and business growth. […]

A Global Employee Wellness Study Shows the Top Health and Wellness Apps of 2022

top corporate wellness apps

Digital health and wellness have become the need of the hour. Employee wellness programs are a top priority at many organizations. Thanks to rapidly advancing technology, along with supporting the right wellness solutions, the features must also be in line with the latest digital health and wellness trends. Of the different employee engagement strategies, offering […]

Employee Wellbeing Programs – Your Checklist To Creating Successful Corporate Wellness Challenges

Corporate wellness programs have become the need of the hour, and many employers are implementing them as a part of their employee benefits and perks package. The corporate wellness programs have been designed to – Boost employee engagement Enhance productivity Reduce healthcare costs Decrease absenteeism rates Improve workplace culture Designing a well-planned employee wellbeing program […]