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Top 5 Ways to Incorporate Corporate Wellness Technology in Employee Wellness Programs

Not too long ago, corporate wellness programs were all about employee benefits packages, including insurance, healthcare reimbursements, and 401(K) plans. However, employers are modifying their corporate wellness program ideas in line with the emerging employee benefits and perks trends to ensure employee engagement, lower healthcare costs, and better workplace wellbeing.

“According to studies, currently, 70% of employers in the US are offering some kind of employee wellness programs at their workplace.”

Designing and creating a well-suited workplace wellbeing program is quite daunting. However, it is even more challenging to engage the employees and get them to utilize the wellbeing program features to the fullest to ensure holistic health. With digital technology advancing in almost every field, corporate wellness programs have not been left behind either.

Wellness Technology for Employee Wellbeing Programs

Studies show that digital technology impacts employee health and wellness in different ways. Implementing corporate wellness technology to your employee wellness programs can be excellent employee engagement strategies. Technology and wellness go hand in hand and complement very well.  When the right corporate wellness technology is enforced in the right way, it can spur active participation in the employee wellbeing programs, boost employee engagement, enhance health and wellness, build stronger teams, and make the program a success.

Here are some simple, yet effective ways to incorporate corporate wellness technology in your employee wellbeing programs.

1.  Wellness Program Platform

A comprehensive corporate wellbeing program includes many health and wellness modules, and it may be hard for the wellness program administrator to funnel them all to the employees. A well-designed wellness program platform incorporated with suitable corporate wellness technology can make it easier to create, deliver, and manage wellness challenges, activities, rewards, reports, and many more dynamic platform features. The wellness platform can be a great way of letting the employees take assessments, log their biometrics, track activity data, and check their wellness program progress. In short, having a good employee wellness platform will make the wellness program better and contribute many benefits.

2. Employee Wellness Apps

While the wellness program platforms make it easy for the program administrators to deliver the program modules, having a mobile equivalent of the wellbeing platform makes it easier for employees. Employee wellness apps are ideally the mobile version of their corporate wellness platforms, and the users can access their program modules easily from anywhere, on their mobile devices. A well-designed, robust, and user-friendly corporate wellness app, like Wellness360, can help in boosting employee engagement to an entirely different level.

3. Wellness Tracking

Reports say almost 40 million American adults use wearable devices, and the number is going to skyrocket in the upcoming years. Wearable devices and fitness apps allow tracking physical activity-related data like step count, distance covered, calories burnt, sleep time, and likewise. All these variables are important for health and wellness, and are a crucial part of the employee wellbeing program modules. Incorporating suitable corporate wellness software in the employee wellbeing programs can make the wellness program platform compatible with the popular wearable devices and tracking apps. Employees can connect their fitness trackers or apps with the platform, and have their activity data synced automatically, making it easier to log and track.

4. Gamification

Gamification is one of the best employee engagement strategies. Using corporate wellness software that allows gamifying in the wellbeing program initiatives can lure employees into participating, engaging, and accomplishing their wellness goals. The most common gamification approaches that can be used in employee wellbeing programs with competitive mechanics include – wellness challenges, rewards, wellness apps, quizzes, surveys, etc.

5. Wellness Communication

Communication in a corporate wellness program is very important. Right from conveying the message about the wellbeing program to the employees, to updating them of the upcoming events, activities, and other information, wellness communication must be spot on. Using the right corporate wellness technology to build communication tools in the wellness program platform can make it easier to send out notifications, announcements, screening reports, progress reports, and more, to the employees. It can also allow scheduling appointments or reminders. Also, communicating by providing educational resources is another great way to get the most of your wellness program.

Adapting to the latest workplace wellness trends is essential to ensure your employees are happy, healthy, and productive at work. Incorporating corporate wellness technology as an imperative tool of employee wellbeing programs can help in focusing and achieving wellness and business goals. In addition to improving employee engagement, tracking, and communication, good corporate wellness technology can also help in evaluating the wellbeing program progress, performance, and ROI.

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