Top 6 Spring Wellness Challenges Ideas for Employee Wellness

Top 6 Spring Wellness Challenges Ideas for Employee Wellness

Spring 2021 brings new changes not only to nature but also new hopes related to the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe. With employee wellness at stake, it is time to get started with new corporate wellness challenges while embracing the new changes.

The current working situation is still uncertain due to the continued risks of the pandemic, and the uncertainty has impacted employee wellness in many ways. Employers are now looking for different ways to boost employee wellbeing and holistic health.

We put across 6 creative corporate wellness challenges ideas that will help remote workers and office goers to boost their health and wellness.

1. Hydration Challenges

Water is essential to a healthy body, and drinking adequate water has numerous benefits. It aids in digestion, helps with weight loss, makes the skin glow, eliminates wastes, and plays a major role in all bodily functions. Many health organizations suggest drinking at least 2 – 3 liters daily. However, it depends on age, gender, health conditions, and metabolism levels. While drinking water seems quite a normal thing, it could be difficult to get the employees to drink the recommended quantities, especially if they are workaholics or are used to drinking caffeinated drinks or sodas.

Hydration or water challenges ideas are easy to be conducted at the workplace or while working remotely. In fact, it can be done anywhere. Create challenges where employees substitute all their drinks with just water bottles for the next 10 days. Encourage them to set reminders to drink water at regular intervals. Suggest carrying water bottles everywhere you go.

2.  Physical Activity Challenges

Physical activity and exercises have been emphasized for decades to ensure good physical health, and there have been plenty of studies reporting the numerous health benefits of exercise. Spring is the best time to get outdoors and exercise, and the season could be an additional trigger to encourage exercising.

Seek employee feedback to know if they consider outdoor exercise safe or if they prefer indoor exercise. Also ask what they prefer – cardio, strength training, HIIT, yoga, meditation, or other workouts. Encourage them to plan for 150-minutes per week of any physical activity, and make sure they track them. Suggest simple physical activities like staircase climbing, gardening, or even dancing to beat the routine.

3.  Nutrition Challenges

Diet has a 70% role in the health and wellness of an individual. What you eat reflects your health status. While eating healthy contributes to holistic wellness, unhealthy eating habits are the reason for many chronic health diseases including obesity. Be it due to lack of time or interest, many people are carried away by the ease of eating junk or packaged food, which contributes to health disorders in the long run.

Employers can implement nutrition challenge ideas that encourage employees to eat healthily. They can encourage discussions on the corporate wellness platforms about healthy recipes, tips, and more about healthy eating. They can also set a daily calorie intake goal and eat accordingly. The wellness challenges ideas can start by giving up junk food, and cooking fresh seasonal produce. Spring is the time for many colorful fresh vegetables, and if they make it to the plate, they can add to the holistic wellness.

4. Emotional Wellness Challenges

Mental and emotional wellbeing is often overlooked, but they are as important as physical health for holistic wellness, and it is the root cause of many physical health disorders. And with the pandemic affecting employee mental health in various ways, it is important to encourage employees to start taking care of their mental health.

Implementing emotional wellness challenges can help employees cater to their mental health specifically. These programs can include different mental wellness challenges ideas that encourage employees to focus on emotional stability, stress management, trauma-related disorders, better sleep, and more. When employees are stress-free and happy, they are more engaged and productive.

5. Social Wellbeing Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone realize the importance of having a healthy social life. The social distancing and remote working guidelines have isolated people from each other, making them feel lonely, thus, affecting their mental health. While some people may be introverts by nature, they may still crave social attention in their own way.

Employers can plan social wellness challenges cautiously while considering the comfort levels of the employees and encourage them to socialize healthily. The social wellness challenges ideas can include playing board games, outdoor games, card games, team lunches, and more.

6.  Financial Wellness Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the physical, mental, and social wellbeing of many across the globe. Likewise, even the financial health of many has been widely impacted. The job loss, economic fall, and lost employee benefits added to the woes. Additionally, employees nowadays look to maintain a comfortable lifestyle for which they spend huge amounts and save little. Financial wellness programs are known to improve employee wellness.

Studies show financial wellness programs can be very effective with stress management and contribute towards holistic wellbeing. Financial wellness challenges can help employees make better financial decisions. They can have financial experts or consultants help them plan their budget and suggest the best investment plans. Planned finances can also help with mental wellness as it relieves them of any monetary-related stress. Also, when people are emotionally stressed, they tend to spend more money to feel better.

Spring is the best time to start afresh, and after a year of uncertainty, it is definitely a time everyone is looking forward to. The wellness challenges are a great way of keeping employees engaged and healthy. To ensure proper employee engagement, employers must make the wellness challenges fun and effective. Also, offering rewards, incentives, and other employee benefits is a great way to make sure that employees keep up with their challenges and reach their set wellness goals. Employers must encourage employees to log all their activities on the wellness platform to track progress and to understand how the wellness challenges are impacting them.

We have mentioned only 6 categories of wellness challenges. You could be creative and add more wellness challenge ideas that suit your workplace wellness needs. The corporate wellness program from Wellness360 is flexible and customizable, which makes it very easy to accommodate your workplace’s unique wellness requirements and plan the entire program accordingly.