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Top 8 Signs You Must Switch Your Wellness Program Platform

Corporate wellness programs are evolving to stay on par with the latest employee wellbeing trends. Employees are becoming tech-savvy, and health and wellness needs are shifting with the changing lifestyle and new global flows. To make sure the corporate wellness programs are in line with the latest employee wellbeing trends, it is necessary for the wellness program platform also to evolve.

With technology advancements across the globe, new frequent changes are likely to happen to workplace wellness software. And so, along with the latest employee wellness programs trends, wellness vendors must also keep an eye on the corporate wellness technology trends.

If the wellness program platform is not flexible, scalable, or equipped to be compatible with the latest corporate wellness technology trends, it is high time to switch your employee wellness portal.

So, how do you know when is the right time to change your employee wellness portal?

Here are the top 8 signs to know when the right time for the change is.

  1. Curbed Customization Options and Flexibility

One of the important pointers to consider while choosing the corporate wellness technology for your employee wellness programs is its customization and flexibility options. Even simple customization options like including your company logo and branding features can play a huge role in employee engagement. In addition to these branding customizations, the employee wellness portal must also be flexible and scalable to accommodate different wellness program features and modules. Right from the health assessments to health coaching programs, multiple language options, and more, the wellness program platform must be capable of supporting various components. If it is not, it is time to change the wellness portal.

2. Poor User Experience

The idea of having a corporate wellness portal for the employee wellbeing programs is to make it easier for the users to participate and carry on with their wellness program activities. However, a wellness program platform that has technical issues or other user experience concerns can be a bigger hassle to the employees. If the users keep complaining about issues related to portal logins, difficulty in navigation, lack of engagement, confusion in finding the right tools or resources on the corporate wellness portal, it is an indicator to switch the wellbeing platform.

3. Multiple Tools for Wellness Activities

A robust corporate wellness portal is one that can manage almost all the wellness program activities, in a single place. Right from creating notifications, conducting the health risk assessments, creating and assigning wellness challenges for work, scheduling wellbeing events, tracking activities, incentive management, health coaching, holding surveys and discussions, and many other wellness program activities, the wellness program platform must allow the program administrators and the users to accomplish all their wellness program activities from a single point source.

4. Third-Party Integration Issues

A successful employee wellbeing program offers and supports different wellness program modules. Most of these wellness activities may need third-party workplace wellness software, including SSO or Single Sign-On, gamification, self-directed health content, fitness devices or apps, and more. The corporate wellness portal must be capable of connecting, syncing, and functioning smoothly with third-party integrations. If the users are unable to sync their wearable device or have to log in to the wellness program platform every time by logging in their credentials, it is not delivering the promised seamless experience, which means it is time to change the portal.

5. Inaccurate Tracking and Reporting

The success of the corporate wellness programs is evaluated by the employers based on its outcomes, which are usually calculated as the ROI or VOI. On the other hand, employees understand their success in achieving their wellness goals by tracking the reports and progress on the wellness platform or workplace wellness app. However, if the wellness platform has glitches in its workplace wellness software or technology, it is highly likely to give inaccurate reports. Be it from calculating the steps or calories for the users, to having issues in exporting data in excel sheets and interpreting the graphical dashboards, the wellness platform must capture the right data to give accurate reports and outcomes.

6. One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Every business is different, and so will be the health and wellness needs of its workforce. Thus, the one-size-fits-all approach will not work out well in the case of corporate wellness programs. To make sure the unique health and wellness needs of the entire workforce are addressed, the wellness works portal must provide the freedom and flexibility to personalize the corporate wellness program modules. Does the wellness platform align with the health and wellness demands of the workforce? Are the users able to participate and schedule the wellness program modules that they need? Do the administrators have the flexibility to deliver tailored corporate wellness programs? Are the wellness challenge ideas limited to the same ones over and over again? Give a thought to these questions to know if it is high time to change the wellness portal?

7. Poor Customer Service

When technology is involved, it is quite likely to face technical issues. The wellness program vendor must be prepared and experienced to tackle any possible technical issues of the wellness platform or program modules. If the vendor takes many days to revert to the queries, it is apparent that there is a problem. Ideally, the program administrators must have full control of their corporate wellness program and platform. They must contact the vendor only when there is a technical issue that cannot be resolved by themselves. However, if there is not much help from the vendor’s side, it is time to switch the program vendor.

8. The Wellness Portal is Not Worth Its Cost

The quote “you get what you pay for” is apt for almost every investment you make. However, with corporate wellness technology, it might not be the case always. Many wellness program vendors provide wellbeing programs for thousands of dollars but offer minimum customization options. A wellness program platform that is not scalable or flexible, with limited wellness challenge ideas, inaccurate reporting, and poor customer service is not worth spending the wellness dollars on and is definitely not the right choice for workplace wellness initiatives.

To keep up the pace with the advancing corporate wellness technology, the employee wellness program provider must make sure their program modules, the wellness program platform features, and the corporate wellness apps are equipped for the trends and demands. With organizations looking for new health and wellness requirements and features all the time, the wellness program platforms need to evolve with both variety and sophistication.

If your corporate wellness technology and the corporate wellness program platform are not getting furnished with the latest updates, trends, and wellness requirements, it is high time you switch your employee wellness program and vendor, for one who will provide you with everything you need for your workplace wellness, at the right price.

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