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Top Features that Make a Successful Employee Experience Platform

According to Josh Bersin, employee experience is the workplace initiative that helps employees to stay healthy, happy, and productive. Employee experience includes all the holistic dimensions of employee health and workplace engagement.

Since digital communications are becoming an integral part of workplaces, employers are looking to implement workplace technology to ensure maximum employee engagement, better experience, and boost organizational productivity.

In our previous blog, the global statistics revealed the need of having a well-designed employee experience platform at the workplace.

But what exactly are Employee Experience Platforms?

In simple words, Employee Experience platforms are a group of easy-to-use tools put together in a single space. Equipped with the latest workplace technology, the employee experience platforms are designed to address workplace aspects like – employee engagement, holistic wellbeing, organizational productivity, and overall communication.

When designed and implemented the right way, employee engagement platforms offer a multitude of workplace benefits.

Salient Features of a Top Employee Engagement Platform

Choosing the best-suited employee experience app or employee engagement platform is crucial to ensure workplace wellness and to achieve the anticipated business goals. With employee wellbeing expectations and digital health and wellness technology evolving rapidly, new features and modules are coming up in the market every other day. And so, it is vital for employers to implement the latest and best-suited features into their employee engagement app, employee experience platforms, and corporate wellness programs to make sure it is a success.

  • Simplified User Navigation with Clear Segmentation

The corporate wellness programs themselves have so many features and modules that support employee wellbeing. Unless they are all put together in a single place, employees may not engage well or may lose focus in the corporate wellness programs and their activities. Likewise, the HR teams also use almost 10-12 tools to perform their tasks. A robust employee wellness platform or employee engagement app must accommodate all the needed tools, resources, and features to provide easy access to all the modules. The segmentation must be clear for targeted communications, wellness challenges, incentives, privacy, and other settings.

  • Quick and Effective Collaboration

Teamwork and social collaboration pave the way to higher employee engagement and enhanced employee experience. The workforce must be able to communicate and work together on collective workplace tasks or discuss the wellbeing activities on forums. To ensure smooth communication and collaboration, the employee experience platform must be designed and built accordingly. With features that support chatting, document sharing, templates, and automation for collaborative and repetitive tasks, and likewise, the platform must be flexible and scalable to meet the employee engagement needs.

  • Easy-to-Use Employee Feedback Tools

Employee feedback is the best way to understand the workforce interests and requirements. In our previous Employee Experience Platform survey blog, we spoke of how the lack of a communication channel may impact employee engagement at the workplace. Also, many employers seek employee feedback but do not address them properly. Incorporating modules like easy-to-use polls and surveys can help employees to give their honest feedback and for HR managers to collect all the information from a single place. The platform can also have a field where employees can give their suggestions about how to address their concerns and share any other information.

  • Seamless Third-Party Integrations

Comprehensive corporate wellness programs include many resources and tools. Most of the time, they need to be supported by other third-party integrations. For example, activity trackers in the wellness program platforms can be compatible with third-party tracking apps and wearable devices to enhance employee experience and engagement. Similarly, the programs may offer online educational interventions by integrating with third-party content providers. Likewise, the wellness program platform or the employee engagement app can be supported by other third-party integrations for SSO, coaching, and more.

In addition to these above features, the employee experience platforms must also support other modules, including –

Employee experience has become a top priority for all employers and HR teams to keep the turnover rates and workplace productivity in check. By building the right employee experience platforms, equipped with the right corporate wellness technology and workplace wellness software, workplace engagement can be enhanced with a vast outreach, to achieve all the anticipated business and wellness goals.

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