Top Tips to Choose the Right Corporate Wellness Program Vendor

Choosing Your Corporate Wellness Program Vendor

Top Tips to Choose the Right Corporate Wellness Program Vendor

As per reports by the Wellness Council of America, almost 80% of companies across the United States with at least 50 or more workers have some kind of an employee wellness program.

Another Integrated Benefits Institute study revealed that 70% of the surveyed organizations were ready to increase their financial resources towards employee health and wellbeing initiatives.

Simply put, the trend of offering employee wellness programs for workplace productivity and engagement is on the rise.

A well-designed corporate wellness program includes many modules like health risk assessments, screenings, wellness challenges, health coaching, incentive management programs, and many other features. Finding the right corporate wellness program vendor who offers all the required modules and features can be difficult.

However, choosing the right wellness program vendor is the first step to driving your workplace program towards success.

In addition to the budget, pricing, and credibility of the corporate wellness program vendor, there are other pointers to be kept in mind while choosing one for your workplace programs.

Here is a quick brief of what you must consider while choosing your health and wellness vendor.

Wellness Program Customization Abilities

The health and wellness needs of each employee differ. And so, the one-size-fits-all approach does not work well with workplace wellness programs. This is where customization plays a key role. There are wellness program vendors who provide customization abilities. However, it is important to check if those customizations can help you build a successful wellbeing program that meets the specific health and wellness requirements.

Typically, customizations can be of two types – 

  1. That only allows personalization with logo, branding colors, and other such limited options.
  2. Branding options, along with tailored program modules like wellness challenges, incentive management, and more.

So, it is essential to build a proper wellness and business strategy, and choose the right wellness program vendor who can fine-tune their offerings to fit your company’s business, health and wellness goals.

Corporate Wellness Integration Abilities

Comprehensive corporate wellness programs support different modules and features. Many health and wellness companies compile and integrate third-party software with the wellness platform. For example, a wellness program vendor can offer a health screening and assessment module from a third-party provider. They may also include incentive management software from another provider. Such modules from third-party providers must be integrated into the wellness platform to ensure the seamless and convenient operation of the wellness program.

In addition to such features, modern corporate wellness programs include many other comprehensive modules like device and app integration, assessments, health coaching, educational resources, and more. All of these may need to be integrated into the wellness program, and this can happen only when it is scalable and supported by the latest corporate wellness technology.

Federal Regulations and Compliance

To ensure equal rights with the wellness programs and prevent any form of discrimination in the workplace, there are a couple of federal laws and regulations in place. These rules and laws must be followed by wellness program vendors, third-party service providers, and companies that implement the employee wellness program. The most common wellness program federal laws and regulations in the USA are – ERISA; EEOC; GINA; and HIPAA.employee wee

Verifying if the wellness program vendor is compliant with the applicable federal laws and regulations, relevant to their state and country is a must while choosing them.

Quality, Experience, and Overall Product Assurance

With the rising demand for employee wellness solutions, many new vendors have started offering their services in the corporate wellness market. However, not all are credible or passionate enough to cater to the health and wellbeing needs of their clients. So, it is crucial to check their accreditation from notable organizations. Also, a review of their client history, experience, and overall reputation can be great pointers when choosing the wellness program vendor.

Although the vendor’s experience and reputation are important, their passion and interest in their work also count. There can be vendors who are just 2 – 5 years into the corporate wellness market but are willing to tailor the workplace program using advanced wellness software in line with the latest engagement trends and wellbeing needs.

In addition to all these pointers, there are many other questions to be asked to your wellness program vendor before finalizing them, like – 

  • What are your specific employee health and workplace wellness requirements?
  • What kind of additional functionalities do you want for your wellness platform and program?
  • What are the metrics with which you will measure the success of the wellness program?
  • How flexible and scalable is the platform and wellness software?

Put together all the data and inputs to evaluate if the vendor is worth the pricing. Compare a couple of health and wellness vendors in the market to find the one that best suits your workplace wellness requirements.

If you are choosing a corporate wellness program vendor offering wellness technology for your program, here are a few questions you must be asking them.

Download this free Wellness Program and Platform assessment scorecard to evaluate your vendors well.

If you are still finding it difficult to find the right health and wellness program provider, contact us. Our employee wellness programs can be the best fit for your workplace wellbeing strategy.