25 Engaging Wellness Activities for Employees

wellness activities for employees

25 Engaging Wellness Activities for Employees

In this era, prioritizing employee wellbeing results in a better work culture. Employees can connect and have fulfilling relationships with their coworkers by participating in wellness activities. If you’re wondering about engaging in wellness activities for employees, then you are at the right place. We have collated 25 activities that your employees would love. Given below are the top 25 wellness activities for employees:

1. Charades

Charades is a game that’s fun to play and excellent for promoting wellness activities. With this game, teams learn to trust one another to predict the clues, this team-building exercise promotes collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills. It is more enjoyable when rewards are involved. The first step in playing charades at the office is to choose a theme, such as a movie. Next, each team should act on one scenario from the chosen movie. The opposite team should identify which movie it is with the help of their action. Whoever identifies the scene will get points.

 2. Two Truths And A Lie

This game is one of the icebreakers in wellness activities for employees. To begin this game, one employee should provide two truths and one line about themselves.  After you finish, everyone should guess which statement is true or a lie. Once everyone has guessed, reveal which statement is a lie. This game helps with employee engagement. 

3. Shark Tank

This game is a great way to promote team bonding and work culture, through wellness activities. In this game, the employees divide themselves into groups and pitch their business ideas to experienced or senior executives. These activities encourage employee engagement, creativity, innovation, presentation, and collaboration skills. Employees can think out of the box, and understand each other fostering a positive work environment.

4. Cake Decoration

In this activity, teams participate to decorate a cake. They choose decorations from candy sticks, gems, and icing. Here employees require concentration skills to focus on what part they are decorating. With the help of this activity, employees can build interpersonal relationships, and encourage patience, communication, and creativity. It also helps others to learn and grow. 

5. Painting Challenge

This is one of the good wellness activities for employees. These social events allow members to relax and share the creative process of painting a masterpiece. Painting helps to focus, heal, and improve self-esteem. It also helps express employee’s emotions, mainly those that cannot be said. The company can bring professional artists or art instructors too.

6. Emoji Storytelling

Tiny expressive symbols, known as emojis are given to each participant, and if they accept the challenge, they have to write a story of a personal experience. Telling a story using emojis requires imagination and interpretation. It resembles deciphering a coded language. The attempts to turn emojis into actual adventures start as the stories go. 

7. Trivia

Trivia offers a fun and engaging platform for workers to unwind, socialize, and enjoy each other’s company outside of work. These games encourage a sense of humor, mutual trust, and community among team members. Moreover, well-designed trivia events can be tailored to highlight company values or history.

8. Mood Rings

These rings transmit the employee’s feelings through color changes. The rings respond to body heat rather than emotions. However, it would be helpful to be able to predict a coworker’s mood, particularly when you need assistance. Implement a community mood ring policy that promotes teammate check-ins to carry out this exercise. These check-ins can also serve as wellness activities, fostering a supportive and understanding work environment.

9. Pictionary

A popular game that calls for a lot of imagination and interpersonal skills is Pictionary. In this game, one employee should draw a picture of what they think, and the other employees should identify it.  Many solutions are accessible for playing this game online. In the office, it can be done on a whiteboard.  This game also promotes creativity, improves communication, and encourages a collaborative work environment.

10. Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt is one of the excellent wellness activities, where individuals form teams providing a list of items to be found throughout the workspace. Whoever finishes their list first wins! The scavenger hunt promotes teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills among employees.

11. Group Discussions

An open, casual conversation can be fostered in a group environment through group discussions. This is one of the amazing wellness activities for employees. Select subjects that provoke thought or can be debated for the goals of the organization, then invite everyone to share their thoughts. These promote understanding and communication among team members. 

12. Creative Writing

An effective way to encourage deeper thinking skills and promote wellness activities is through creative writing. Consider giving each person a writing assignment, then gather as a group to discuss the completed pieces. It gives employees a platform to share their original ideas and improve teamwork.

13. Karaoke Night

Karaoke is one of the amazing wellness activities that let employees have fun. It also increases confidence, reduces stress, and improves bonding among team members. Choose some tunes to perform or collaborate to create some original music or each employee can also sing the song based on the lyrics.

14. Comedy Sessions

Laughing generates endorphins, which are feel-good hormones that lessen pain and enhance wellbeing. Incorporate stand-up and open mic nights into your weekly meetings. Encourage employees to take part by providing rewards. Give a bonus or incentive to the employee who comes up with the funniest joke. This is one of the wellness activities that foster a positive atmosphere where employees can laugh out loud, forget their stress, and feel free to be who they are.

15. Office Plants

Having plants in the office has a significant positive impact on employee’s wellbeing. They have been shown to lessen anxiety and stress. Even the green color makes people calm and relaxed. Another advantage of having office plants is fresh and clean air. Therefore, add a few office plants to your workspace. 

16. Office Gym

Enhancing employees’ physical fitness is one way that employers may support a healthy workforce. An accessible gym situated within the office can make a big difference. 

Working at a desk or leading a sedentary lifestyle can negatively impact your employees and raise their risk of illness. Give them a well-ventilated area in the office for them to work out. All you need is a few pieces of gym equipment. 

17.  Thank You Notes

Handwritten thank-you letters are a common way for employees to show gratitude for a job well done or the success of the team. These initiatives develop a pleasant work environment where gratitude gets incorporated into the work culture, giving employees a sense of worth and significance.

18. Sports Leagues

Setting up sports leagues like basketball, soccer or even bowling gives employees a great way to relax, socialize, and stay active after work. In the end, employees and the company gain from a healthier and more balanced work environment, which is facilitated by wellness and mindfulness initiatives.

19. The Statue Game

This is one of the unique wellness activities where a player is selected to be the statue in this game. This person becomes a statue in the middle of whatever they were doing at a given moment throughout the allotted time. People start to notice, and then they too turn into statues. The next statue is the last person to notice. Fantastic enjoyment, especially when the conversation is interrupted by those who freeze in place. This activity helps in building the right posture and balance.

20. This or That

This unique game is based on the tipping jar and allows office workers to vote for one proposal over another by depositing a coin in a jar. This could vary from “the beach or the hills” to “cricket or football.” After calculating the donations and announcing the winner, the final amount is donated to charity.

21. Follow the Leader

Games like Follow the Leader encourage cooperation and teamwork. For the group to succeed, members must cooperate to follow the leader. This requires members to be able to synchronise their motions and activities. This demonstrates how important cohesive teamwork is to accomplishing shared objectives.

22.  Jenga

Divide all of the blocks in a standard Jenga set among the participants. Request that staff members take pens and write a new scenario on each block. For instance, you could ask players to write down a scenario that would occur at work if you wanted to keep the game focused on work. After that, launch the game normally. After removing a block, a player has to read the situation and explain to the other players how they would handle it.

23. Escape Room 

Escape Room is a board game that involves solving puzzles and riddles under a set time restriction. Players must collaborate to unlock mysteries and “escape” the game setting. Using a set of puzzle cards, a decoder device, and a countdown timer, players must solve problems and move through the scenarios by using clues and suggestions offered by the game components. This game promotes collaboration and teamwork.  

24. Paper Plane

Give papers to each group of two to four members of your team. Each team gets ten to fifteen minutes to create the best paper airplane design along with a catchy airline name. After the paper planes are finished, see who can fly the farthest. Team members must work together to complete a project on time for this practice. It’s a fantastic way to work on time management and communication skills.

25. Build a Tower

Give each group of four or five members of your team 30 paper cups. Each team should build the tower in 2 minutes. When built, the timer will be stopped. Whichever team built it within 2 minutes wins the task. This task is an excellent method to enhance your team’s communication and is one of the best wellness activities. Their chances of success increase with how well they collaborate.


In conclusion, enhancing employee wellbeing is crucial for a positive work environment. From games like charades to creative wellness activities for employees like cake decoration, there are many opportunities for employees to connect and relax while developing interpersonal skills and maintaining overall wellness. For more ideas, check out Wellness360.

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