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Wellness Tips – The Science Behind Gaining And Losing Weight

Research over the years has shown that many factors contribute towards weight gain and weight loss of an individual, and food habits and physical activity topped the charts of the factors that play a major role in weight gain/loss and the overall health quotient. Summing it up, the number of calories consumed to the number of calories burnt is what determines most of the weight loss journeys.

The internet is loaded with fad diets and other tips that convince you will lose weight quickly. But are you sure how legit and safe they are?

Are there any real health benefits?

And, what is the guarantee that you will not start gaining weight once you stop the diet?

To lose weight healthily and to ensure that you do not gain it back the wrong way, you need to understand the science behind losing and gaining weight and have the right approach to the entire process. When you have a proper grip on the roots of the weight loss process, you can filter out the facts from the internet fodder and create a healthy pattern that will help you with sustained weight loss.

Here are a few wellness tips and the science behind the facts of losing and gaining weight.

Throwing Light On The Calorie Count

Our body needs the energy to perform its bodily functions, and this energy derived from food is measured as calories. The calorie counts of the foods are all available on their labels, which make it easier to count them, and also, there are many accurate ways of keeping a count on the amount of calorie intake. If the calorie intake is more than the calories burnt, the excess calories are stored as fat, which in the long run leads to obesity and other weight-related health issues. If the calories burnt are more than the calories consumed, the surplus stored fat gets used up, helping you lose weight.

Your Appetite And Foods You Eat Matter

Overeating, emotional eating, binge eating, eating unhealthy foods, and improper meal times could affect your weight loss journey to a huge extent. Avoid eating foods with empty calories like refined sugars and flours, unhealthy fats, fried foods, etc., and switch to healthier options of foods with a lot of vegetables, lean proteins, low-fat, natural sugars from fruits, nuts, and more, while keeping a count of your daily recommended calories.

Poor Sleep Patterns Affect Your Body Functions

Many studies have shown that people who are sleep deprived tend to have hormonal imbalances, especially of leptin and ghrelin – the hunger hormones, giving them a higher appetite, unhealthy cravings for more carbs, fats, and calories, while decreasing the resting metabolism. Also, lack of sleep increases the chances of insulin resistance which boosts appetite, heightens calorie storage as fats, and increases the chances of weight gain and type-2 diabetes.

Physical Activity Helps Burn Calories

As mentioned previously, physical activity helps in burning calories that assist in weight loss. Enough physical activity burning adequate calories that are more than the calories consumed helps in healthy weight loss. Also, regular physical activity helps with the consistent maintenance of the lost weight, preventing it from bouncing back, and also helps in regulating blood pressure, cardiovascular fitness, glycemic control of type 2 diabetes, mental health, and overall wellness.

How Do Corporate Wellness Programs Help With Healthy Weight Maintenance?

An efficient workplace wellness program helps improve the wellbeing of the employees from various wellness aspects like – nutrition, physical activity, and mindfulness. At Wellness360, our employee wellness programs include wellness challenges that focus on weight management with healthy eating strategies and suitable physical activity to help lose excess weight and maintain a healthy body steadily.

Our wellness program is compatible with many leading fitness tracking apps and devices that keep you tagged with your daily calorie intake, physical activity updates, and also, give recommendations and tips to adopt healthy habits. Also, our online courses and coaching sessions help you gain more insights from professionals on how you can improve your health while losing weight safely.

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