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What Incentives Should You Include In Employee Wellness Packages?

Wellness Incentives for employee wellness programs

The Great Resignation has led to more employers implementing workplace programs to attract new recruits and improve employee retention. One highly prioritized initiative is the employee wellness package.

KFF’s Employer Health Benefits Annual Survey documented that about 53% of small firms and 81% of large companies have employee wellness programs. However, just offering them does not mean all employees will jump in on the chance to participate in these types of programs. It is vital to ensure adequate employee engagement to ensure the success of these workplace programs.

Offering rewards and incentives can effectively boost employee engagement in workplace wellness programs.

As we pointed out in our previous blog post on ‘What Are The Five Key Pillars Needed To Build A Successful Total Rewards Strategy in 2021?’, having a well-planned wellness incentives management program will offer monetary and beneficial rewards to the employees. This can enhance employee engagement, experience, and overall satisfaction in the workplace. While employees can enjoy the wellness incentives for their efforts, it could be challenging for companies to think about what incentives they can give employees.

According to a guide on cash vs. non-cash incentives by LHH, non-cash perks — travel vouchers, event tickets, personal enrichment learning opportunities, additional PTO, and other experiences — actually create more of an emotional and impactful response among employees. This allows them to experience something they see as a luxury. More importantly, it is an assurance that their hard work is appreciated and rewarded, boosting their morale and confidence. Therefore, having non-monetary incentives are a great way to boost engagement and enthusiasm of the employee wellness programs.

Here are some other incentives to encourage participation and engagement in the employee wellness programs.

Additional Time Off 

Giving additional time off to your employees can boost productivity. It allows them to recharge to be back with more zest and enthusiasm for their work. They can find time for new hobbies and interests that might benefit their health in the long run. Everyday Health reports that time off allows people to walk more, play sports, and find time for activities they love, decreasing chronic stress and improving wellbeing.

 Travel Vouchers

Travel vouchers are another good incentive for your corporate wellness program. A promise of white sands and blue seas or even a simple hotel stay will make your employees feel rewarded for all their effort. It will also feel like a time off, but with more perks — because they can travel to different places without paying for the main expenses. An example of this is Airbnb, which gives around $2,000 to its employees to stay at Airbnb properties every year.

 Onsite Fitness Centers

Having an onsite fitness center as a part of the wellness incentives can be an excellent opportunity to boost health and fitness. The extent of the fitness center can be planned depending on the company budget. The CDC explains that employers have the power to improve their employee health, and it can start by creating healthier communities. Instead of having your employees go to gyms and social health clubs for their wellness activities, they can do it in the comfort of their workplace. Even better, they can access the on-site fitness center during their breaks. Setting a dedicated time slot for the workforce to participate and bond through the employee wellness program. Employers can monitor and reward employees who are consistently working on their health.

Although cash prizes have their own benefits, offering non-monetary rewards for achieving their wellbeing journey milestones is one of the best ways to incentivize your wellness program. With the right rewards and incentives, workplace engagement of the employee wellness programs can be boosted, paving way for its success.

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