Workplace Wellness Study – Re-Approaching Employee Wellness Programs with Metaverse

Metaverse and Employee wellness programs

Workplace Wellness Study – Re-Approaching Employee Wellness Programs with Metaverse

As technology advances in almost every field, workers are also looking to work with organizations that support flexible working schedules, positive workplace culture, employee wellness programs, and work-life balance. Also, the remote working ideology and the ‘Great Resignation’ have changed the working patterns, and most employers are now building a pro-employee workspace.

While many employees have agreed that working remotely has given them more time to spend with their family and cater to their personal needs, many others also felt the lack of personal communication, which led to loneliness and stress.

Well, there are wellness challenges, events, and more. But they do not seem to be enough to interest the workers. So, what’s the modern solution to engaging employees well, building a healthy co-working space, and also helping them have a work-life balance?

The answer is – Metaverse.

Simply put, the ‘Metaverse’ is a collection of virtual reality experiences which people can access using online platforms and tools.

Although the online working space and digital wellness strategies are evolving, the meta-verse has brought a huge breakthrough in workplace norms.

A report by Citi anticipates almost 5 billion people to interact on metaverse by 2030.

Another study shows that with the new era of VR experiences, the digital wellness market is anticipated to reach $69.60 billion by 2028 at an annual growth rate of 18%.

A top-level executive of Engage XR, a metaverse-building platform, agrees that metaverse is the new way of communication with a personal touch even while working remotely.

The Global Wellness Summit revealed that the current global wellness market accounted for $4.4 trillion, and metaverse is bound to add more opportunities in each health and wellness sector.

So, how can metaverse help with employee wellness at the workplace?

Most organizations are implementing the latest workplace wellness software for their wellbeing solutions and their working strategies to ensure smooth communication, productivity, and enhanced employee engagement. Also, the employee wellness programs include comprehensive solutions that must be supported by wellness technology to meet the specific health and wellness needs of the workforce.

Introducing Metaverse into your employee wellness programs can help with –

  1. Better communication
  2. Boost employee engagement
  3. Gather data
  4. Mental wellness resources

Better Communication at the Workplace

Communication is essential for a smooth workflow and employee engagement. However, remote working has created many communication gaps. This has disturbed social connections in the personal and professional space, affecting physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Unlike direct one-to-one communication at the workplace, virtual meetings have given less scope for many employees to give feedback or voice their opinion.

With metaverse, colleagues can communicate over coffees in virtual lounges and have avatars, making it a fun interaction. They can also have virtual meetings on metaverse in the board room, making it a more interesting way of interacting at the workplace.

Boost Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the key to the success of workplace wellness programs and overall business growth. Metaverse can add a gamification and fun quotient to the workplace wellness programs, thus, boosting employee engagement and building a positive culture. Engagement and conversations can also be encouraged through metaverse along with virtual team challenges, workouts, and discussions in beautiful environments.

Gather Feedback; Health and Wellness Data

Despite all efforts from the organizations, many times it becomes difficult to understand what’s going on in the minds and lives of the workers. Be it their personal relationships. health and wellbeing issues, or any other matter – employees may not open up entirely about their concerns. This could be a missed opportunity for the employers to help their employees, which could ultimately reflect higher turnover rates.

With metaverse and AI-backed corporate wellness technology, employees can be engaged and surveyed in real-time. Be it their opinion about the workplace culture, progress through the wellness program, or alignment of their goals with that of the company’s goals – everything can be done digitally. The qualitative and quantitative insights of the surveys and polls can be used to redesign the program with actionable goals.

Mental Wellness Resources

Working on mental health and wellbeing has become a priority for most organizations in the past few years. Many studies show the impact of mental health and wellbeing on employee engagement, productivity, and overall workplace wellness. And so, many employers have started offering suitable mental health resources through their employee wellness programs.

Metaverse can help in creating mindful wellness challenges, guided meditation sessions, virtual simulations, and other resources that can help with stress management, building morale, and overall mental wellbeing.