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Your Top 7 Healthy Resolutions To Attain Holistic Wellness in 2020

New Year resolutions are fun but tricky to keep up persistently. The initial days are full of enthusiasm and enjoyable, which slackens with the months. This is no surprise, and probably a majority of people across the globe have been through this.

A research study shows that almost one in every 3 Americans makes resolutions for every New Year to improve their habits to achieve holistic wellness in different ways. 75% of them stick to their plan for a week, whereas 46% are still planning to reach their goals even 6 months later, and only a meager portion actually work diligently to work on their resolutions.

But, what if the key to keeping your resolutions working on the track to gain health and wellness benefits is simple, interesting, and help you reach your goals, with no reason to back out from it?

To help reap many health benefits and holistic wellness in a fun and manageable way, we give you the top 10 resolutions you need to make for this New Year 2020.

Make Right Food Choices For Health Benefits

Food is one thing where we cannot compromise on, and probably has the most indulgent stuff that could easily harm our health. The trick lies in choosing the right food and cooking it deliciously. This year, include a lot of veggies, fruits, nuts, lean meat, and unprocessed foods in your meals. Restrict your fatty and fried food intake. Grow your own spices, herbs, and food. And do not rush into any crash diets – they might just worsen your health.

Adequate Physical Activity

Studies show that a healthy adult needs at least 150 minutes per week of moderate physical activity for good health and wellness benefits. Use a fitness device and integrate with a fitness app to keep a count of your steps, calories, food & water intake, and other activities. Take the stairs, park your car a little away to walk a bit more, walk to the store, practice yoga, mow your lawn, and if you are willing to take up more vigorous work, join a gym and exercise regularly to lose weight, to stay fit & flexible, and for overall wellness.

Get It Touch With Friends & Family

Our busy lives cut us away from staying in touch with our friends and family. Work is undoubtedly important, but having healthy social bonds works wonders for your mental wellness. Reconnect with your loved ones, meet them on weekends, have dinner together with your family, or do what it takes to rejuvenate the relationships. So, give up on your social media time and make some real contacts for your health benefits.

Scrap Away The Stressors

A short bout of stress or tension is not necessarily harmful, and sometimes, it can actually help you think better. However, long-term stress and its associated issues like sleeplessness, unhealthy food cravings, social isolation, disturbed focus, and poor productivity could be due to chronic stress factors, which in the long run could cause heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, and other health disorders. Analyze the cause for your stress, work out on practical solutions, and seek timely help.

Get More Quality Sleep

If there is one thing that can keep you active through the day, improve your focus, and boost your mental wellness, it is – SLEEP. Undisturbed sleep for at least 7 – 8 hours every night is vital to relax the body after the daily physical and mental grind. Sleep affects your body, mind, appearance, performance, and productivity, and lack of sleep has been associated with many health concerns including type-2 diabetes, obesity, and more. Take a small nap between tasks, practice sleep-inducing habits, and relax your mind for a good night’s sleep.

Spend Time For Yourself

You are your biggest gift, and you need to embrace yourself for your mental wellbeing and to gain holistic wellness. Take time to travel alone, pamper yourself with a spa appointment, go shopping to buy necessary stuff, join a dance class, spend time for your favorite hobby, cook a good meal for yourself, watch a fun show or movie, and do anything that makes you feel good about yourself.

Plan For Your Financial Wellness

According to a recent study, almost 59% of the US employees stated financial woes as a major stressor – affecting employee health, and impacting their performance & organizational productivity. Many corporate wellness programs now educate about financial wellness. Seek help from a financial consultant to draw a constructive plan of your income and expenses to save for your future. Also, cut down on unwanted subscriptions, cook at home, walk as much as you can to save on transport and fuel, carpool to work, and stick to your budget.

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